November 24, 2013

DIY circle scarf

I signed up to participate in a fun little blogger holiday gift swap this year. Craftaholics Anonymous paired up bloggers (via Elfster) to swap handmade gifts! 

Based on my gal's profile and interests, I decided to go for a handmade circle scarf that I created using my Knifty Knitter loom. I chose a festive green color, which will look great with a red sweater this holiday season! This particular scarf took me about three hours in total. I like to watch a favorite movie while I work! 

Here's how to make a circle scarf: 

1. You'll need the Knifty Knitter circular loom. I used the largest size from this pack. Also, pick one or two skeins of yarn (one skein for one loop scarf, and two for a double-loop scarf). 

2. Follow the directions to cast onto the loom (or check out Jessica Quirk's pictures, which have great detail). Wrap the yarn around each peg twice, use the hook to pull the bottom loop over the top, and continue until you have a long, circular tube. 

3. There will be directions for casting off, just thread the pick/"needle" through the end of the pattern and tie off without cinching. 

4. Place the scarf over your head, and then slouch it around until you get the look you want! I like to wear these inside-out, for a cable-knit style chunky look. 

I think this qualifies as "DIY at least one gift" from my holiday bucket list, don't you? Hope my not-so-secret Santa enjoys her gift - and I can't wait to show you what she gives me! 

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  1. I participated in this gift exchange also.. I cant wait to recieve my package. I love the scarf you made. So pretty.